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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

Google Search engine optimization Guidelines about SEO Friendly URL (Permalinks)

It is major part for web page which informs to search engine crawler to crawl this page.  It is clickable link for your web document. SEO friendly URL increase website usability on SERP. These are readable URL which can be read by users and spider or robot of search engine. URL structure if very important in SEO website designing. Would you like to index your website fast? Then create SEO friendly URL structure for every page.

seo friendly permalinks url

Today we are teaching you about website search engine and user friendly URL structure. There are many technique and tips which are more help full to make friendly URL structure but in this section we will share major technique. You can follow below tips to create awesome and SEO friendly URL structure for web pages.

URLs Structure must be 100% Readable

I have checked some structure of URL which doesn’t meaning. When any users come from search engine, your website URL structures also show, user can read that words which you have included.

It should be readable to your reader because some users want to remember URL to come back again to that web page.

If your website page URL structure is like this format www.yourdomainname/oaek-32id-d

So, this structure we cannot understand, such kind of permalink is said to bed URL which put bed impression to users. It is not best for only users but search engine also confused to check such kind of links.

So, think a collection which must be readable to everyone.

Used 3 to 4 words

Would you like to create SEO friendly structure for URL then feel free to use only three to four words which define your web page content? It is guideline of Google that don’t need to use unnecessary keywords in permalinks for better result. If you want to get better result from search engine then use main keyword only or secondary keyword.

Avoid to including numbers

If you want to create awesome URL for improving SEO then use text instead of strange numbers. In WordPress, when you want to do setting for permalink then there is option to create permalink with this format /?p=1;. This format is showing that page or post is equal to 1,2,3,4 and so on. This format is not search engine or user friendly because such kind of permalinks disturb to users and search engine bots.

Unique SEO friendly URL

If your permalinks for different web pages are same then you need to attention here, you are doing spamming. This is again to SEO rules. It will create confusion to bots when indexing your web page. Permalinks should be unique and different to each other.

Include SEO Keyword in URL

There are many places on the web page where you can use target keyword for website ranking. One of them permalink is the  major place where you have to include target keyword but keep in mind repeating same word can down your website rank due to spamming.

Google search engine bots dislike to keyword stuffing which violet the SEO.

Don’t keyword Stuffing

It is against to SEO rules that repeat same keywords for more time. Especially when you are writing permalink then include keyword only one time. These are some example which is keyword stuffing permalinks



SEO bed URL examples

These are the best SEO friendly URL example which increases website usability as well as website indexing.

Best Format which are Recommended


DomainName/collection-of- primary-keyword-and-secondary-keyword



SEO Bad URL examples

These URL are bad example, so don’t need to follow below permalinks. These are not user or search engine friendly.






Use Hyphens, Not Underscores

It is also precaution for webmaster for better result.  It is hyphen“-” so use this character. It _ is underscore so don’t use underscore in permalinks.

It is not important point for WordPress users because when you include text or keywords without mentioning hyphens or underscore then WordPress automatically include hyphens to your permalink to make friendly URL.

Add Mobile URLs to a Sitemap

Would you like it that Google give importance your website for life time? Then use mobile SEO friendly URL. As you know that there are majority of users whose are using mobile phone for internet purpose. And they use Google as search engine.

You have to use two versions for your website, one for desktop and other is mobile version.

You need to inform Google about mobile version URL in submitting sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

When you submit sitemap for mobile URL, then it make easier to Google spider or bots to crawl your website pages easily.

If your website is responsive design then don’t need to submit another sitemap for mobile but not bed to submit.


As you have read and understood importance of SEO friendly URL structure for website. So you need to implement on your site to improve SEO power from search engine.

I sure that, after understanding these guides which I shared with you, you have to change your web page URL to friendly URL.

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